Launching of My.Enky Invest

Innovation in the world of investment is opening up new horizons, meeting the needs of investors who are looking for both sustainability and returns. With this in mind, Enky is launching our My.Enky Invest investment platform.

Aïssa Laroussi, the founder of Enky, the first subscription-based furniture service offering only high-quality, sustainable, and responsible design pieces, states that their mission is to transform the furniture market sustainably by offering an alternative to traditional purchases and services designed to extend the life of our furniture (cleaning, repair, trade-in).

Through their subscription formulas, they have enabled many companies to furnish their spaces with quality furniture that lasts over time.
But quality comes at a price, and some projects have fallen through due to a lack of funding. That’s why My.Enky Invest was created: our investment platform that promotes our customers’ furniture projects.

A platform that promotes sustainable furnishings
With My.Enky Invest, the company wants to bring a new perspective to the world of investment. This platform is the fruit of our commitment to exploring new investment avenues to offer our customers diversified and meaningful opportunities.
By bringing to the fore a unique synergy between finance and investment, My.Enky can offer our clients a wide range of investment opportunities.
By highlighting a unique synergy between finance and interior design, My.Enky Invest opens up unexplored horizons for investors and fits in perfectly with Enky’s vision. The investment options offered contribute directly to improving living and working spaces, in line with our principles of quality and sustainability.

Drawing on Aissa’s expertise in finance, developed through years of experience in the banking and investment sectors, he has identified an investment niche with attractive return potential. My.Enky Invest enables investors to explore a new area of high-potential investment: sustainable furnishings.

An investment accessible to all
The genesis of My.Enky Invest stems from a desire to make investment more accessible while promoting our subscribers’ furnishing projects.
My.Enky Invest works in three simple steps:

  1. Create an account on the platform, giving instant access to a variety of furniture projects.
  2. Selection of projects to invest in, with detailed information to guide investment decisions.
  3. Monitoring of investment progress and expected financial returns, with the option of
    reinvesting. This easy access comes with a low minimum investment: you can invest in one or more furnishing
    projects from as little as €500.

A wide range of project types
Portfolio diversification via My.Enky Invest enables investors to reduce risk by broadening their investment horizons beyond traditional markets.
This strategy enriches the investment portfolio, offers protection against volatility, and exploits growth opportunities in the innovative sustainable furniture sector.
As well as offering an innovative type of investment, My.Enky Invest provides asset diversification by offering a variety of furnishing projects. Whether in residential property, professional spaces, or even cafés, hotels, and restaurants, each type of project represents a unique opportunity. This means that investors can balance their My.Enky Invest portfolio with investments that correspond to different sectors and risks, maximising their potential returns while contributing to projects that are both rewarding and sustainable.

The projects financed by My.Enky Invest are chosen not only for their potential profitability, but also for their positive impact on the environment and society.

Investment and ethics: the perfect match
My.Enky Invest represents a major step forward in the democratisation of sustainable investment. By linking investors to our furniture projects, the company is not just offering a new asset class: they are laying the foundations for a future where finance and sustainability converge harmoniously. This platform reflects our commitment to a more inclusive and responsible economy, where every investment supports the vision of more responsible consumption. Enky invites you to be part of this mission by sharing opportunities that are both profitable and virtuous.

Aïssa Laroussi: “I invite you to join this initiative by creating your account on My.Enky Invest, and we will offer you an additional 1% return until 31/03/2024”.