Advista makes it easy for you to navigate permits and assessments

One of Advistas Enthusiastic Partners introduces the company and discusses how the firm can help with the difficulties that environmental permits and studies can present today.

Tell us about Advista : 

Punch, audacity, responsible freedom and trust : these are the four keywords that characterize ADVISTA and set us apart. 

Does your project require an environmental/urban permit ?

Is it subjected to an environmental impact assessment report or study? 

ADVISTA puts its experience and skills at your disposal. We act as an intermediary with government authorities to provide you with all the information you need to speed up the process of obtaining your permit.

In addition to this type of support, we can also help you with the BREEAM certification of your project. POL03, TRA05, WST05, LE01- 02-04-05, … are all codes which we are familiar with, represent the different themes we can study : flood risk, mobility study (including CoBrACE study), climate resilience, environmental inventory (including Natura 2000 areas), or functional adaptability …

Can you share some examples? 

AXA has entrusted us with the extension of their environmental permit for the Capital site, 80.000 m² of floor area on the Schuman roundabout, but also with the environmental impact study of the Ariane 7 building in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert;

Befimmo has put its trust in us to coordinate the preparation of the environmental permit application file for their ZIN project (120.000 m², Brussels-North);

We worked with the architectural firm 51N4E  for the renovation project of the Victoria tower in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (30.000 m²) owned by Downtown Real Estate;

We have drawn up an inventory of mobility practices around the Bastion tower, at the request of the Schroders group, following the development of the traffic calming area in Ixelles;

We assessed flood risks (Pol03) and climate change impacts (Wst05) as part of a BREEAM certification for a BPI Real Estate project in Auderghem;

And we were also delighted to develop a Natura 2000 impact assessment for a private individual near the Sonian Forest (the “Forêt de Soignes”).

What are the biggest challenges you face daily in terms of sustainable development and construction?

Tomorrow’s challenges, mainly in Brussels, are linked to mobility and the circular economy. In an environmental study, these are topics which the administration is paying close attention to and often ask to complete the report with more details.

That’s also one of the reasons that today, the period required to obtain a permit can sometimes be a hindrance to the development of real estate projects, at least for the Brussels-Capital Region.

But with ADVISTAs support, you can build a solid case and stack the odds in your favour to facilitate these procedures. 

And how does Brussels fit into these processes? 

The Brussels region can be considered as a pioneer in the circular economy. In addition, the reflection underway aims to develop more concrete actions on the ground (in particular through the regional plan for circular economy “PREC” and its innovative renovation strategy). In the midst of all of this, the Brussels landscape is evolving rapidly, so it can be difficult to keep up with all these changes. 

In terms of mobility, an ambitious Good Move plan has been put in place by the Brussels Region. In addition, the CoBrACE regulation aims to reduce the number of parking spaces around office buildings in order to encourage employees not to systematically take the car to go to work. But everything has yet to be articulated and integrated into a broader vision, which requires among other things, the development of alternatives in public transport and active modes of transport.

What are your objectives, or long-term vision? 

Our vision: Be an inspired and inspiring team. Boost projects to sublimate tomorrow.

It reflects our everyday goals to discover and reinvent ourselves, to bring an audacious vision, to think “outside the box”, to establish a bond of trust, to transmit our expertise with enthusiasm in the projects we accompany … – to participate in an increasingly sustainable future.

And finally, would you like to add something to the discussion? 

We look forward to discussing your feedback and finding solutions to your needs!

Interested in our work? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are currently hiring!

“No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.”


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Liuba Diederich