GenieVision : a unique combination of technologies to help you make the best decisions

  • SPEAKER : Caroline Zigrand on GenieVision, BIM and creating new opportunities through data collection.
  • ABOUTGenieVision – ” a software solution for the construction and engineering industries that sets out to display an augmented reality 3D overlay via the user’s mobile device.”

GenieVision is a “corporate startup”  initiated by the large world Glass producer AGC to create value for its building customers. The initial idea was thought and developed by 4 AGC people and is now supported by a team of 15 people including ten developers.

“We are a multidisciplinary and agile team, and together we have succeeded in developing a flexible and disruptive solution that will facilitate everyday construction work”, explains Co-founder and CMO Caroline Zigrand.

“On February 3, 2020, we officially launched our app to the market. We are now committed to providing our customers with a solution enabling high-level quality control while reducing on-site failure costs.”

“We attach great importance to user experience. It pushes us to be flexible and find suitable and mobile solutions. This is why we have developed an interface which is very handy, and which people can use in the field.” 


GenieVision puts BIM at the centre of the worksite day-to-day operations.

“Integrating BIM allows us to speed up the control process. “

“Going forward, we’d like to take advantage of all data collected by our solution while using it. We want to share them with our customers, so that they can help them in the long term maintenance of the building.”

“We want to show all stakeholders what we can do with BIM so that they can benefit from it for the rest of the building’s life.”

“ One criticism of BIM has been that its cost puts people off, but it’s a mistake”, says Caroline Zigrand. “ Because in the long run, BIM can actually help the construction industry save both time and money.”


By downloading the GenieVision mobile app, customers can follow each step of the construction with ease and clarity, thanks to the app’s many features (semi-automatic location and reliable calibration of the 3D model displayed in Augmented Reality, viewer features such as occlusion and clipping plane, layers management, issues reporting,… )


BIM is changing the terrain of the construction industry, enabling it to fully thrive in technological modernity.

Over the past few years, we have seen BIM being used more widely across construction projects. Companies are slowly realizing that they need to turn to smarter technologies and processes. To remain relevant and succeed in this new environment, they must adapt to these changes. And startups such as GenieVision are there to help with the transition.


“We want to bring together the data that we were able to gather during the construction phase and share it with our customers. That way, they can benefit from it in the long run” – says Caroline Zigrand. 

Indeed, these data are essential to inform the decision-making process regarding the performance of a building. So we don’t want them gathering dust somewhere, but for users to really take advantage of them. Because in addition to their immediate value, they can provide valuable insights throughout the life of the building. 


So not only these digital solutions can improve our working practices, but they can also help us create better buildings. Having said that, there is still much to do in the construction industry. As the world changes, it is more important than ever to be agile and ready for change. And digital solutions such as those provided by GenieVision are a good step in that direction.

“GenieVision offers a cost-effective, easy-to-use system that can help you build and work better.”
“Bring your 3D model on the field to check better, faster and sooner”

For more information, visit the startup’s website

Liuba Diederich

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