HelloHouston: Four Pillars Towards Easy Maintenance

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HelloHouston is an all-in-one maintenance platform made with and for facility and maintenance managers. Their value proposition represents a simple by design maintenance platform focused on asset traceability, automated notifications, intuitive curative/preventive checklist management, with a strong layer of automation.

Why choose HelloHouston?

Stephane: “Two years ago, we saw that the existing software in the market was very complex and extremely heavy”. That is why HelloHouston created a platform with two core values: First, the user friendliness. HelloHouston is focusing on building a platform that is simple to use and right to the point. While functionality and user-oriented are two characteristics HelloHouston can be proud of, their second main characteristic is their mobilization of the maintenance software. 

Stephane explains: “a maintenance software is a software which is used by technical teams in order to control and manage their equipment and their infrastructures. For example, when an equipment breaks down, a maintenance software (CMMS) helps facilitate the communication and the traceability of every step of the maintenance process. That is done by checking the history of interventions, for example by showing in detail which spare parts were already used from the stock, and by centralising all the related certificates.The following step is to prevent any incident using the dynamique preventive planning algorithm. HelloHouston can prevent 20% to 30% of technical breakdowns and save a tremendous amount of time for the maintenance manager. The third step is to get connected with the asset and to understand the problem before it happens. In other words, a maintenance software helps track , prevent and foresee any possible maintenance or malfunction, then sends an instant notification to the concerned person”.

Additionally, HelloHouston’s USP is that it is mobile. Which means that the data follows the technicians and not the other way around. Specialists, such as managers and technicians, choose HelloHouston for its versatility, lightweight and easy to use interface to simplify and automate 50% of their administrative tasks. This helps them to gain a tremendous amount of time and focus on what really matters for them: the maintenance of their assets. 

HelloHouston allows every employee or operator of a company to use their smartphone to scan an asset and send a request to the concerned person about the malfunction of a machine. Stephane explains: “Anybody can scan the related asset with their phone and send a notification or request to their maintenance manager”. It is quick, very intuitive and make a time gain for everyone in the process

Stephane also underlines: “We are saving the experts a lot of time by automating all their maintenance and administrative parts. Therefore, from the maintenance management side, the data from all the equipment, the buildings, and the floors that are listed can be structured. Meaning, automated technical audit notifications can also be sent to the supplier. This is a requirement made by the regulator or by the state. Every year, the system sends automatic reminders before the deadline to inform the controlling vendor that a check-up needs to be done. 

Moreso, a centralized communication system is referred to as a centralized chat that interacts with the same operation management for the same tickets. Hence, everything is centralized to the platform for quick accessibility to all the history of conversation or of the documents. Besides that, HelloHouston is an API oriented app that connects the equipment directly to the internet of things (IoT) or other systems such as ERP. 

Last but not the least  data analytic / reporting is core to the platform. Stephane confirms: “We are going far into the reporting by allowing firms to follow the KPIs of the maintenance activity in order to try and improve the quality of service”. Automating reporting services can help managers to have a better understanding of their maintenance activities and build a continuous process improvement to ensure that all the equipment in buildings and offices are well managed.

What’s next for HelloHouston?

HelloHouston is an ever improving app. They built their platform in collaboration with-experts-for-experts and this is not going to change soon. Indeed to build something complex into something simple is a continuous improvement cycle.

Stephane explains: “For the new generation, we are trying to connect directly with the equipment. Now we want to try to accurately predict potential incidents, before they happen, and generate automatic tickets to the supplier. Stay tuned for our next improvement!”

HelloHouston’s goal is to be extremely scalable. There are no thousand ways of fixing technical malfunctions. Maintaining a machine or a building asset in Belgium,  Japan or in Brazil have the same way of doing. Our objective is to decrease the average downturn time by 25%.

Nicolas Hawa
Nicolas HAWA
Project Manager